AppSumo Review: Do They Offer the Best saas Deals?

AppSumo is an e-commerce website that provides deals on digitally delivered goods and services on a daily basis. One of its aims is to help online businesses improve their reach and boost the sales of their products. The company was established in 2010 by Noah Kagan and the headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

Features Of AppSumo

To truly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of AppSumo, detailed knowledge of the features of the website is needed. Some of the features of AppSumo are detailed below;

  • It is operated by tech professionals.
  • It offers great deals as it provides high-quality products at low prices.
  • They carry out an indepth test of every single product before selling.
  • They offer a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days or two months.
  • There is the absence of spam mails.
  • They offer major discounts on web related courses.
  • They allow you to stack codes. This helps you save more time and access more benefits.
  • They have a newsletter that gives you updates on new offers and how to access them. 

How Does AppSumo Work?

AppSumo is a platform that partners with sellers of digital products and service providers who are willing to offer their products and services at discounted prices. AppSumo uses the size of the audience to negotiate deals. After this, the company analyses the software and disseminates information about the deal to an online audience in a way that can catalyze huge sales. These deals basically have a starting point of $49. AppSumo is more focused on the tech industry.

AppSumo then makes a 50 to 90% discount on the product and sells them as a lifetime license to use the product. When a deal looks suitable for you, all you need to do is just follow the prompts to complete the buying. Sometimes, though, sellers can set a few deals they want to make available.

Most of the tools that are offered are from relatively young SaaS companies, whose products you will otherwise pay for every month. They offer their products on AppSumo at a discounted one-time fee.

Visit Appsumo
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Who Is AppSumo For?

Most of the deals on AppSumo are targeted at small business owners. If you run a blog or some sort of digital business, you may want to visit AppSumo for a trial. Some of the most common types of software tools on AppSumo are listed below;

  • SEO tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Image tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Video tools
  • Content tools

Why Companies Offer Their Products On AppSumo

What are the benefits that attract software companies to place their products on AppSumo for a discounted one-time payment?

AppSumo has the potential to attract a large number of buyers for your software. Many buyers translate into increased revenue within a very short period. AppSumo provides access to over one million potential buyers and four thousand affiliates. Hence, for most software companies, it seems like the right platform to launch their products profitably.

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Also, AppSumo can be a great source of product feedback as buyers are encouraged to review the products purchased.

AppSumo Packages

AppSumo has different membership packages that offer different benefits. This section will be a review of the membership packages and their offers.

  • AppSumo Plus

This is a premium membership package. It offers users an extra 10% discount on every product purchased. This membership package goes for an annual price of $99. It also provides access to the KingSumo Giveaway platform and several other special deals. In addition to all these, there is an invitation to special events.

However, you need to be spending over $1000 per year for the 10% offer to make any form of difference. Hence, this membership package is only suitable for big spenders.

  • AppSumo Briefcase

This membership package is another way to save money on AppSumo. It is the ideal solution for people who are tired of paying for each tool of their business. It is the prime tool for business owners giving them access to dozens of premium software that will help them scale their businesses. This package includes business tools and software to solve all your business needs. The tools fall under the following categories;

  • Scheduling
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Sales
  • Social Media Automation
  • Marketing

This means all the software and tools your company needs could be gotten in one place without any problems. The best advantage of AppSumo Briefcase is that you only need to pay once to get access to all the premium tools.

The way this package works may seem complicated. You pay $49 per month which will be collected every quarter of the year. After your quarterly payments, you will be given 4 chips. Each chip is worth $49. You can then redeem those chips against purchases you make on AppSumo.

You will also get the same 10% off deal as AppSumo Plus and access to some software tools for ‘free’ ( for example MissingLettr & King Sumo).

AppSumo: The Pros And The Cons

Even the best services and platforms are not perfect. AppSumo has its advantages and disadvantages. To truly review and help you decide if it’s the most suitable platform for you, it is inevitable that we delve into the pros and cons of AppSumo.

  • The Pros

  1. Provision of the best solution for your marketing problems: AppSumo provides a vast variety of products that can be used efficiently in every aspect of internet marketing. Deals on content creation, social media tools, email marketing, video creation, and YouTube marketing can be gotten. This can help your company reach the next level of success rapidly. Additionally, AppSumo offers all the deals at a 10% discount.
  2. AppSumo gives freebies generously: They offer some digital products, ebooks, and tutorials for free. It is important that you check for these gifts from time to time. You will learn how to redeem codes on AppSumo from this gift.
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After signing up successfully, every other deal will be sent to your email in the future. This will help you claim the free deals very quickly because once the codes are gone, the deals will probably not return.

  1. Customer engagement is high and fast: The platform aids businesses in need of fast income to reach customers faster. With over a million subscribers, this is not a really hard task. To attract more customers, you can set more appealing deals.
  2. They have a 60 days refund policy: AppSumo improves buyers’ confidence in their products by stipulating a refund policy that is effective for 60 days, regardless of the reason for asking for a refund. This allows you to check the offer deeply and make a choice that is more suitable for you. If you don’t find the product suitable, you will get a refund within 60 days.
  3. Active management: The management of AppSumo is very active. When a customer with an active deal asks a question, it is likely a member of the management team that answers. This helps to create rapport with customers and also depicts that even the management team of AppSumo are all available to make sure they have a smooth experience on the platform.
  4. AppSumo boosts your brand image: If you have a brand and you believe you have created a solution to one of the problems that people face, you must submit it on the AppSumo marketplace. If it gets a green signal, then it will end up in the Marketplace Community. Once it is featured by AppSumo, your product has the potential of being seen by millions of users thereby promoting your brand.
  5. AppSumo has a highly engaged community: The community on AppSumo is so engaging. When a new product is launched, community members ask engaging questions and regularly comment on the product. They also actively try to negotiate deals with the seller. The useful feedback that producers receive from the AppSumo community is quite helpful in improving the quality of their products and services over time.
  6. AppSumo provides frequent deals on updates: if you are in search of a new upgrade and you really can’t afford to get one, you really don’t need to worry. AppSumo has you covered. You just need to be on the lookout for new deals on updates that fits your needs on the platform.
  • The Cons

  1. Compulsive buying: It is very easy to get carried away by the fact that you are getting a good deal for products and services to the point that you begin to make purchases you don’t need. This may be because it seems like such a good bargain to pass up on. It is possible to purchase hundreds of software before you realize that you don’t need a huge chunk of them.
  2. Some misleading user reviews: some of the reviews are just so overenthusiastic. They may mislead you into making purchases you don’t need. This is not because the reviews are false but many of the buyers actually don’t have enough experience with other alternatives to know what they offer. So, they may have the tendency of calling an average product excellent.
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If you are interested in buying a product, try not to be so swayed by the reviews. Test the product. You can buy it and get a refund if it doesn’t make the cut.

  1. Startup failure: On AppSumo, you are mostly buying early-stage products from startup companies. The products may be great but sadly, in this business, the companies may still not be able to make it profitable. Hence, this translates into the fact that the company may not be around for long. You may take the risk of buying the products against the probability that the company may fold up or shutter the product.

However, AppSumo says that 92% of the companies that launch an offer on their platform still function 3 years after.

  1. Inadequate development of the product: Buying early-stage products may be risky for another reason. They may not have all the functionality needed at the start. Expectations are that in years to come, more updates of the tool will emerge.

Most products that are launched on AppSumo publish a product development roadmap so that you can see what types of features the founders are planning on adding in the future. However, there is no guarantee that this will ever be done.

  1. Difficult Approval Process

AppSumo has an approval process that is not easy and takes time to be completed especially if you have products that you want to advertise.

  1. Deals and Promos May Be Limited to New Users

AppSumo offers deals that are mostly for new users. This may be such a letdown to loyal users. The redemption codes are also only valid within sixty days of purchase.

In conclusion, AppSumo has very humble beginnings and has grown into a platform that helps users increase conversion rates and reach a larger market. AppSumo is a good site to launch your digital products. It is also a good platform to get good bargains for products and services you need. Want to try it out? Visit and sign up today.
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