Godaddy Review – Should I use GoDaddy or no?

Godaddy is a top web hosting service that provides properly integrated Microsoft Office email features and top-notch customer service support. It is owned by GoDaddy Inc. GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company that is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, and incorporated in Delaware. As recently as December 2021, GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers and 9,000 workers worldwide.


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Pros And Cons Of GoDaddy

In the business of web hosting, all web hosting services have their strengths and weakness. Some of the strengths and weaknesses of GoDaddy are listed below;


  • Quality uptime.
  • Linux and window based servers
  • Well integrated Microsoft Office email features.
  • Help is easy to find due to their 24/7 customer support
  • Customer friendly website builder software


  • absence of cloud hosting
  • default emails are not offered much. 

GoDaddy Domain Specs.

To explicitly review the GoDaddy services, an in-depth look into the specifications of the GoDaddy domain. It is quite easy to determine when your business or organization is ready for a web presence. However, choosing the specific web host may be much harder. To do this, a knowledge of all the specs and packages offered must be available to make the choice that suits your business the most.

The GoDaddy web hosting services have packages that may be below those offered by Hostgator and DreamHost. However, it has many useful elements that may be worthwhile, especially for people who are interested in incorporating Microsoft Office emails into their workflows.

Some of the packages are;

  • Shared Web Hosting

This is particularly useful for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on web hosting. Shared hosting is a cheap web hosting option that places your website on the same server as other sites.  This implies sharing of server resources and this may mean it is far from the most powerful web hosting type. However, it gives smaller businesses and organizations an opportunity to have a web presence. The sites on the shared server will compete for resources including throughput and storage space. A virtual private server may be needed for additional hosting if big traffic is expected or to insulate yourself from traffic spikes.

There is a fine range of Linux or Windows based shared web servers available on Godaddy. There is also the added incentive of a free domain name if you sign up for a plan that is higher than 12 months.

To cite an example, the Economy basic shared hosting plan which is ($10.99 per month, discounted to $6.99 per month for an annual plan) includes 100GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, the ability to host one website, unlimited monthly data transfers, and a free year of Office 365 Starter Email. Microsoft’s mail plan provides just one email address, however, you can upgrade to more accounts for a fee.

The Deluxe plan ($12.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $9.99 per month for an annual plan) improves on the Economy package by including unlimited storage and domains. The Ultimate package ($19.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $14.99 per month for an annual plan) includes double the processing power, 1GB of RAM, unlimited databases, and a one-year Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

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Finally, there is the Maximum package ($28.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $22.99 per month for an annual plan). It increases the memory to 2GB, server I/O speed from 1,024 KB/sec to 2,048 KB/sec, and gives you free, unlimited SSLs for every website under the plan.

  • Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

VPS web hosting is paying for a space on a shared server that isolates you better from your server mates than the normal shared hosting. Godaddy has quality virtual private server packages and offers Linux or Window-based servers in addition to unlimited domains and monthly data transfers.

The VPS plans begin with a $7.99-per-month, Linux-only starter plan (with a discounted price of  $5.99 for an annual plan), with a single CPU core, 1GB of RAM, and 20GB of SSD storage. The specs are at their peak at eight CPU cores, 32GB of RAM, 400GB of SSD storage, and a free SSL for one year for $149.99 per month.

Godaddy’s VPS plan is a very capable option for those who want a web hosting solution that is more effective than shared web hosting but don’t want to pay the expensive rates for dedicated web hosting.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting

This is needed for a site that demands a lot of system resources. In this plan, the site exists on the server alone, utilizing all the server’s resources without any competition. Most sites that have up to millions of visitors per year use this type of hosting.

Godaddy’s dedicated servers have a lot of configurations. The starter DS-32 plan ($169.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $149.99 per month for a 12-month plan) includes four CPU cores, 32GB of RAM, 8TB of storage, unlimited monthly data transfers, three IP addresses, Office 365 Starter Email, and a free SSL certificate. The highest level of service available here is the DS-256 (a heavy $519.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $469.99 for a 12-month plan) which comes with 16 CPU cores, 256GB of RAM, and 2TB of SSD storage.

Basically, it is easier to save money with long-term plans. There is also a fully managed dedicated server tier. The purpose of this is to cover similar performance and storage options, but it involves a significant price increase. Fully managed plans start at $274.99 per month and increase up to $624.99 per month.

  • WordPress Web Hosting

The Godaddy WordPress Web Hosting plan has a lot of advantages. It has a lot of WordPress themes and plugins. It also offers nightly backups and updates WordPress software automatically. It doesn’t require you to install the CMS since it is preinstalled. You can create posts, galleries, and pages once you are logged into WordPress.

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The Basic plan (starting at $11.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $6.99 per month with an annual plan) includes 30GB of storage, site backup (for up to 90 days), and support for up to 25,000 monthly visitors. The Deluxe plan ($17.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $8.99 per month with an annual plan) increases the storage to 75GB, visitors to 100,000, and adds a single-click testing site. The ultimate plan (starting at $24.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $12.99 per month with an annual plan) improves on Deluxe by offering unlimited storage, visitors, and malware removal.

Lastly, the eCommerce plan (starting at $29.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $19.99 per month with an annual plan) includes GoDaddy Payments support, unlimited products, appointment scheduling, and real-time shipping rates. All plan gets a free SSL certificate and free domain if you choose a 12-month or even longer plan.

  • No Cloud Web Hosting

It does not provide cloud web hosting which serves as an alternative to traditional web hosting. Cloud web hosting helps you expand server resources with ease. This is one of the shortcomings of Godaddy web hosting services.

  • Reseller Web Hosting

Godaddy provides reseller packages that are best suited for people who want to go into the web hosting business but don’t want to handle the infrastructure matters. The company has two plans—the $8.99 per month Basic and the $14.99 per month Pro. They offer sales, commission reports, and credit card processing. The servers have the same RAM and storage amounts as those that Hostwinds supplies directly.

The downside is that Godaddy’s reseller packages don’t come with email plans. You need to sign up separately for email plans. However, Godaddy allows you to apply your own branding to the servers you rent and provides 24/7 tech support.

  • Email Hosting

Godaddy now favors the Microsoft Office 365 business premium for email hosting.  For purchasing emails, here’s a breakdown;

Email Essentials (starting at $5.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $1.99 per month with a one-year commitment) gives 10GB of email storage.

Email Plus (starting at $6.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $3.99 per month with a one-year plan) increases the email capacity to 50GB.

Business Premium (starting at $15.99 per month which goes for a discounted price of $8.99 per month with a one-year plan) improves the email storage capacity to 50GB, and adds unlimited Microsoft Teams web conferencing, desktop Office apps on up to five PCs, online Office apps, and Office mobile apps.

Advanced email security is $4.99 per month for any plan, and email backup is another $2.99 per month. Email charges are on a per user basis.

Setting up a Godaddy email is very simple. All you need to do after signing up is to select the email address’ associated domain name, and entered an email handle and a password. In general, Microsoft Office 365 is quite straightforward to configure.

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Godaddy has repackaged Microsoft Office 365 so lots of the email features for users and administrators are available and easy to use. The business premium package gives you access to the full Microsoft Office Suite. This includes access to Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word. In addition, it gives access to online conferencing, and even VoIP phone calling via Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. It also offers access to Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA), a modern web adaptation of the Outlook email client. It provides a familiar layout for calendars, contacts, and tasks, and a new “focused inbox”—all available in your browser.

  • E-Commerce Options

Godaddy has upgraded to a Godaddy online store that offers many features like SEO tools, secure checkout, and store themes. Setting up a store with the new tool is quite easy. All you need to do is choose a theme, add products, pricing, images, and signify your preferred mode of payment and shipping methods.

  • Quality Uptime

Website uptime is among the most important qualities to look out for. If your site is down, customers won’t be able to access your services and this can be very discouraging. Godaddy is excellent in this regard. You can count on Godaddy to provide quality uptime for your website.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Godaddy provides 24/7 telephone support and live web chat support. They offer round-the-clock assistance to clients. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee for annual plans with 48 hours refund for monthly plans.

  • Security

Godaddy has its own website security. This website security includes automatic malware scanning, continuous security monitoring, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Content Delivery Network (CDN). Website Security blocks malware and harmful traffic from reaching your site. It also protects against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Zero Day attacks.

Secure Sockets Layer certificates can also be purchased starting from $69.99 per year. The software is represented by a green padlock in your web browser when you visit, say, a financial institution’s website. This is quite important if you plan to sell products via your website.

Its security for emails is hosted in the Microsoft data centers. This means that they have the same security benefits as those provided to other Microsoft Office 365 users. The email data is encrypted in transit and at rest, using SSL and Bitlocker technology. Due to Microsoft’s privacy policy, Microsoft employees only have highly limited access to data and this is possible only under specific circumstances.

For full security, however, you may invest in local data encryption software.

Godaddy may not rank as high as DreamHost or Hostgator, however, it is a very good web hosting service and may just be suitable for your business. Visit to sign up for a free trial.
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