SEMRush Review – The No Brainer SEO tool

The birth of a global world and system has brought into existence platforms, tools, and software that have made life easy to live and navigate through. One of the gifts of technology is the digital marketing and social media space, without which communication would have been impossible.

Speaking of the digital marketing space and tools, SEMrush is a tool or platform designed to solve every digital marketing problem. As we read along, we will find out the history of SEMrush, what it is, its features, its functionality as a SaaS – Software as a Service tool, its pros, and cons, and more.

What Is SEMRush?

SEMrush is a SaaS -Software as a Service all-in-one (SE0) tool used to oversee keyword research, boost, and manage content creation and marketing, PR, improve online awareness and visibility, create, and manage online campaigns, track online ranking data, and other digital marketing-related activities. SEMRush compiles information of keywords gotten from google, and Bing search engines, thus providing users with more than enough keywords for use.

With SEMrush, you can discover, and track keywords used by your competitors, run technical SEO audits on your website, backlinks sources and opportunities, and more. This tool is made use of by and recommended to small and big businesses that want to grow and explore opportunities in the digital marketing space.

Do you know that companies like Samsung, Forbes, Amazon, Apple, IBM, and more use the SEMRush tool? And this can be traced to the unique features put in place for a better work-life and success rate.

What You Should Know About the Company and Tool/Platform SEMRush.

  1. SEMrush Inc is an American public company behind the innovation of a SaaS platform called SEMrush.
  2. The company SEMRush Inc. was established by Oleg Shchegoley and Dmitri Melnikov on August 3rd, 2008.
  3. The headquarters of the company SEMRush Inc. is in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
  4. The company as of 2020 had an estimate of about 980 employees working from offices across Russia, Philadelphia, Boston, the Czech Republic, and Cyprus.
  5. SEMRush has over ten million users across the world.
  6. It has an estimate of over eight hundred and eight million unique domains, supervised for about 142 geo databases.
  7. SEMRush has over twenty-one billion keywords available to users, and over forty-three trillion backlinks.
  8. Twenty-one international awards have been won by SEMRush Platform for being the best SEO software suite.

Features and Tools of the SEMRush Tool / Platform.

Below are features of the SEMRush SaaS Tool:

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media.
  3. Competitive Research.

The Benefits of the SEMRush Platform.

  1. Stay Ahead of Your Competition.

Every business owner puts their best into branding their businesses as you do, so yours might not be different from theirs. What then makes your website stand out from the crowd, and keeps you ahead of the game? This is where the SEMRush Organic Research Tool and the SEMRush Keyword Gap Tool come into view.

The SEMRush Organic Tool gives you a careful study of your competitors and shows you what keywords generate a greater part of their traffic. And SEMRush’s Keyword Gap Tool aids the comparison of keywords on your profile with that of your competitors to enable you to note flaws and the best approach to use in creating content that targets these keywords.

  1. Website Performance and Analysis.

If you do not understand your business and the tools used to conduct your services, the areas to be worked on, and strategies to aid your growth, and success? There is no need to check out your competitors. The same goes for your website performance analysis with the use of the SEMRush platform. You don’t go out analyzing your competitors and how to stay ahead of the game when you haven’t understood your website, and its functionalities or abnormalities.

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The SEMRush Domain Overview Tool equips you with the ability to have a thorough overview of the performance of your website. What it does is it takes a snapshot of your website, and you find information about your backlinks, Search performance, the recent organic rate paid traffic response, and more.

SEMRush also helps you survey your ranking on Google for certain keywords, and activities so far on your website (good and bad over time). When all this analysis is done and data collated, you can now work on the weaknesses of your site, improve on the strength, set the bedrock for your digital journey, then proceed to that of your competitors. It is said that charity begins at home.

  1. Unique Content Ideas and Creation

Do you need a platform to help ignite and birth your creative and imaginative prowess which will in turn generate traffic to your website? SEMRush is the best for this. The SEMRush Topic Research Tool provides you with a variety of the best trending keyword subtopics that match your search.

All you need to do is type the keyword in the SEMRush Topic Research, and you will be provided with great catchy subtopics that would help your website stand out and rank high amongst other websites.

With these subtopics come insights into activities on them, how they fared, FAXs that come with them, reactions to these, and more. You certainly would not want to miss the magic you could create with the SEMRush Topic Research Tool that would help you relate with your audience and give your online presence the extra visibility it needs.

  1. Keyword Research

The success rate of keyword research with the SEMRush platform is high as it gives you access to keywords nearest or closest in meaning and better information on the best keywords that will bring you the best search traffic. You cannot be a successful digital or content marketer if you do not make use of the SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool.

This tool works wonders in helping your customers or target audience easily find you and in turn, aids your understanding of people’s online searches. If you need to bring top-notch SEO Skills and intelligence into your business? The SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool is what you need.

Examples of what the SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool does for you:

  1. Sheds light on the top-ranked sites for certain keywords.
  2. Helps you to get an idea of monthly research volume.
  3. Gives estimated data on the number of URLs that appear in the search result of a keyword.
  4. Gives you information on average cost-per-click.
  5. The SERP features present for a keyword can be accessed by you.

  1. Keep Track of Your Rankings

SEMRush helps to keep you abreast of your ranking accomplishments, and declines. The Position Tracking Tool is computerized to monitor your website traffic and rank position distribution. It helps to track keywords used in time past, those important to your brand, how they have performed, and how to work on those with a decline, and maintain those that rank top. SEMRush births possibilities and keeps you ahead of your competitors and how to stay on top. Go ahead and use SEMRush, learn from your mistakes and accuracy.

  1. Your Competitor Has a Competition.

Wouldn’t you want to know the challenges and fears of your competitor? Don’t you think this would keep you winning for a long time? No fear, no worries, no cowering, all thanks to SEMRush Organic Research Tool.

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This tool helps you locate websites that use keywords that are like yours, and that of your competitor. Through the SEMRush Organic Research Tool, you are equipped with first-hand knowledge of the website’s traffic, and ranking with the use of certain keywords

  1. Link Building

If you are a digital or content marketer, you need more inbound links attached to your content as this will help them do well. SEMRush helps you ascertain where other websites that do what you do, get their backlinks and the total number of backlinks.

SEMRush Backlink Analytics makes use of chats and numbers to keep you informed of your competitor’s backlink profile at a go. It gives insight into the sources of their backlinks, if their domain or website is gaining more backlinks, or if it is losing already acquired backlinks, and at what level, speed, and ratio this happens.

Having this information will help you produce strategies to help you thrive amongst your competitors.


  1. Open You to Advertising Opportunities

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits of using the SEMRush platform, SEMRush helps you find and explore advertising opportunities that will be beneficial for your business before your competitors do.

SEMRush notifies you about the following:

  1. SEMRush keeps you aware of the traffic accrued by their advertisements.
  2. You have insight into the general keywords your competitors look forward to using for which your website could already rank.
  3. Ads that drive traffic, and their cost.
  4. You remain abreast of domains that pay for ads on your target keywords, this helps your content a great deal.

Having this information and more at the tips of your finger, make it easy for you to reach out to businesses, convincing them why they should advertise on your website because you certainly have what they need.

  1. Simplified Reports

Collection and exportation of data and its results in pdf formats or spreadsheets is made possible with the SEMRush Platform. These results can be edited and shared with team members via email. With SEMRush, you do not need to conduct the manual input of data on google analytics and proceed to create your report in a spreadsheet.

One good thing about SEMRush is that it makes your work-life easy, balanced, and productive, as the sharing feature gives room for team members to be up to date with the current information, any day, anytime, anywhere.

  1. Social Media Result Tracking and Analysis.

As a social media marketer, it Is known that you cannot build an online brand and presence without social media platforms creation, and marketing. Therefore, you need the SEMRush tool to help make your awareness and visibility or presence a reality.

Yes, you need content like posts, stories, pictures, videos, advertisements, and customer interaction and feedback to help gain stability, but how do you ascertain how well your posts are doing? SEMRush takes care of this by being the tool needed to conduct brand monitoring of mentions, likes, comments shares of your profile, and posts.

SEMRush helps you monitor and follow your social audience and their interest in your posts and that of your competitors across the various social media platforms, this opens you to opportunities and challenges your business might be encountering on the social media space. Another advantage of using SEMRush is that it helps you schedule social media posts across various platforms at the same time.

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The Pros of the SEMRush Platform

  1. Usage: For a start, the SEMRush platform is easy to use.
  2. Daily Reports: SEMRush made its availability of daily reports you can get in a day, as opposed to its competitors.
  3. Keyword Data: SEMRush made the intention of the keyword data easy to access and amazing to use, which aids concentration on phrases or words that are relevant to your business and work.
  4. Interface Design: SEMRush’s interface is designed and presented in a logical order, which makes it easy to understand the metrics provided in graphs and other visuals.
  5. Trial Period: SEMRush provides a 30-day free trial for new users, which surpasses that of its competitors.
  6. Customer Support: SEMRush’s customer support is great as it leaves options for calls, chats, and emails. This makes it easy to trust them because users feel more relaxed knowing that they would always be available to attend to their inquiries, challenges, and complaints.
  7. Site Auditing: SEMRush’s site auditing feature enables an understandable set of guidelines on how to improve the technical SEO and on-page SEO areas of your website.
  8. Domain Analysis: With the SEMRush tool, the domain analysis is made easy to achieve, as all tools and features needed to make this happen are spelled out with ease.

The Cons of the SEMRush Platform.

  1. Pricing: SEMRush is said to be the most expensive of the tools in its category. It comes with a three-type package and category for users but still poses as a turn-off to certain people interested in this system.
  2. Accuracy: It is said that the accuracy level of the SEMRush platform is about 50% which makes it faulted by users. An overview shows that platforms like this work with predictions and estimations a lot, which makes it impossible to be 100 percent correct.
  3. Technical: Observations have shown that the SEMRush platform is very technical and not straightforward to use, and this is attributed to the multi-functional tools that come with the software. Users hope that over time, the SEMRush platform will become a lot easier to understand and use. Those that are new in the digital marketing space should get ready for a long ride to finding their bearing when making use of the SEMRush tools.
  4. One Information Source: The SEMRush Platform is said to get its data from only one search engine – Google, which makes it narrow in its provided information as opposed to its competing tools that provide data from others,
  5. One User Account: All SEMRush plans come with just one user account, which makes it difficult for several persons to utilize it. Another related factor is that buying additional seats is expensive, and this is a turn-off.
  6. CARD DETAILS: Before the free trial can be used, you must input your card details otherwise it is inaccessible.
  7. ADDITIONAL COST: SEMRush put an additional cost of $200 per month on some of its Competitive Analysis features.
  8. Unresponsiveness: The inability to use SEMRush’s tool on a mobile device is almost impossible, and this is a result of the unresponsiveness of its interface.

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